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Why Video?

Still trying to convince your colleagues and senior leaders that video is the way forward? Here are some reasons and rigor to support you: By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic

JEEP: just enough education to perform

JEEP Learning (we’re going for a new phrase for L+D buzzword bingo… want to join us?) People are talking about learning being ‘just in time’. Accessible anywhere, anytime, and ‘on-the-job’. Relevant and instantly applicable, meeting the immediate need for the new bit of learning, proving just enough education to perform. A conversation we often end […]

Sharing Skills

This week the See Learning Films crew have been working with engineers, and ‘train the trainers’ and the L+Ders that support engineers in manufacturing. Signs around the plant read “go home safely to your family today”. The heat is on. Spring has finally decided to arrive (joy!) and, there is molten glass shooting from furnaces […]

How Are You Using Video?

If you take time to notice it, you’ll find that learning actually happens everywhere, all the time, anyway! Whether you’re intending it or not – and especially so when you’re reflecting with the intention of extracting some learning from that good/bad/awful/amazing experience you had. Same goes with video. It’s everywhere. As soon as you start […]

To Sell Is Human

I wouldn’t ever identify myself as ‘sales’. Whilst I enjoy the challenge of asking presentation skills workshop attendees to select an item from the room, talk about it for 5mins and ‘sell’ it… it’s still not sales. Or am I tarring sales with the brush that painted the door-to-door knockers that don’t pause when I […]