JEEP: just enough education to perform

JEEP Learning (we’re going for a new phrase for L+D buzzword bingo… want to join us?)

People are talking about learning being ‘just in time’. Accessible anywhere, anytime, and ‘on-the-job’. Relevant and instantly applicable, meeting the immediate need for the new bit of learning, proving just enough education to perform.

A conversation we often end up having when helping people create their own in-house video content is, how long should the video be? And does it even matter? And yet I highly doubt that anyone ever made a video and thought ‘well it’s 14 minutes long but I don’t really care if people watch it all as long as they watch the first half. The rest of my effortful creative content design is pointless anyway’.
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I’ve been watching some films from the archives. Although, they are by no means archives for the people who we created them with.

I’ve been watching some films we’ve done at See Learning, specifically with charities.

It’s some of our favourite work! Are we allowed to have favourites?

Why? Because of the nature of the content; the emotional work, and the emotional labour, and because of what filming allows us to capture, about the human condition. Real-play, not role-play.

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To Sell Is Human

I wouldn’t ever identify myself as ‘sales’. Whilst I enjoy the challenge of asking presentation skills workshop attendees to select an item from the room, talk about it for 5mins and ‘sell’ it… it’s still not sales. Or am I tarring sales with the brush that painted the door-to-door knockers that don’t pause when I say I’m busy working from home? Or the cashier who asks me 3 times if I want to open a store card, even though my first answer was “no, thank you”.

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