Why Video?

Still trying to convince your colleagues and senior leaders that video is the way forward?

Here are some reasons and rigor to support you:

By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic

By 2020, one million minutes (that’s 17,00 hours) of video content will cross gloabl IP networks, every single second 

Over a 3rd of people who use the internet, watch youtube

In fact, Youtube is the new prime time TV – and 75% of adults watch it via their mobile device, at home 

500 million people are watching video on Facebook, everyday

People are 50% more likely to read your newsletter if it contains a link to video(s)

Putting the word ‘video’ in your email subject can increase the opening rate by 19% 


And specifically when using video for learning:

Observing tasks and how to do them supports intrinsic learning. Social Learning Theory tells us that we (especially when young) observe and watch how others behave, what they do, how they react to situations in order to give us the data and evidence we need to either copy, and/or choose our own actions.

Learning via video reduces the cognitive load compared the reading a book and can be a more relaxing way of taking in information. People retain 95% of a message when they’ve watched it in a video, compared to 10% when reading text 

The capacity for creativity in video content is huge. You can engage and draw people in. Take them on a journey through evocative and provocative content, share stories, and inspire change.


And for those still not interested in video, try clicking on this: You Can Learn Anything

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