This week the See Learning Films crew have been working with engineers, and ‘train the trainers’ and the L+Ders that support engineers in manufacturing. Signs around the plant read “go home safely to your family today”.

The heat is on. Spring has finally decided to arrive (joy!) and, there is molten glass shooting from furnaces into huge glass bottle blowing machinery. The most impressive one makes 528 glass bottles per minute. I recognise those little brown stubbies especially on a hot day like today and my salivation is akin to the sweat on my brow from donning safety gear including a very fetching hard hat, at the thought of a cold drink. But the scene feels more like sitting in-front of a roaring fire… bright glowing orange fading to red, then warm brown. Only noisier.

In a manufacturing plant, where earplugs are essential safety gear, and production is 24/7 365 days a year, how do you find the space and time to demonstrate skills and learning? Where health and safe is not just important, but imperative to business success and practice updates need to be communicated quickly and widely. 

Today – the answer is video. Lots of video.

Video that tells the story of glass production, and where it all started. Why is this important? From the mouths of the people who do this everyday. Capturing that passionate and purpose to share it across the global business.

Video that floats around the huge machinery and gives a virtual tour of ‘inside the compressor house’ layered with a narrative – what’s important, why it matters, what good looks like. And comedy sketching!

Day 2 is when the real magic happens. Most people have been playing with Filmic Pro yesterday evening and they arrive eager to create. The first brief: go and do something with what you learned yesterday. Next – in few months time they’re having a mini ‘Film Festival’ to show their work … popcorn, psuedo bafta’s, the works (incentive, as if they needed more).

And … engineers and plant workers at all levels and stages of production get up to date, accessible (on their smartphone, anytime, anywhere), engaging and essential learning. Content that they own and can edit and update at any time. Content they created. Content they share and promote, because its directly peer to peer. Content and learning they care about.

Global Head of L+D: “I am amazed at the skills you have given us in just 2 days

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