How Are You Using Video?

If you take time to notice it, you’ll find that learning actually happens everywhere, all the time, anyway! Whether you’re intending it or not – and especially so when you’re reflecting with the intention of extracting some learning from that good/bad/awful/amazing experience you had.

Same goes with video. It’s everywhere. As soon as you start to notice it..

There are small videos, big videos, big fat juicy videos. Fast videos, slow videos, the ones that capture you in seconds videos.

There are short videos, long videos, some with talking heads. Intriguing videos, hilarious videos, and some you’d rather watch instead… of reading an 80 page instruction manual.


There are powerful videos, hourful videos, and short zappy giffy videos.

There are selfie videos, healthy videos, and videos done in groups

There are sharing videos. There are daring videos.


Some videos that drip with passion and fire, fuelling you into action.

Then videos that reach up inside you and gently tug at something that make your eyes water.

And warming videos that require a cuppa, and a rewind to understand and let it sink in…and ponder.


Videos that get you thinking.

Videos that get you feeling.

And videos that get you out of a pickle and enable you to fix the boiler – because you can do it without the needing to call someone out. Well this time, anyway.


And some of the videos I’ve been hearing about from you recently…

  • Capturing an event – why? To share the story and the success, and the whole purpose of the project.
  • Live streaming of an event from one end of the country to another, so that everyone can hear the speaker, to connect to bring everyone together and to make a London event a nation-wide event.
  • To demonstrate communication skills. The careful nuances of tone and micro-facial expressions to get the message just right. Clean of assumptions and full of intention. Are you asking a question or making a statement? Are you telling me or interested in my perspective? From sales negotiation behaviours, to coaching skills and holding discomfort with comfort. Effortful, seamless… its practise to practice.
  • For a warm welcome by the new Senior Leadership Team on the company intranet. When they’re new and can’t get around the country quick enough to meet you all in week 1.
  • Similar for online induction… say hello and meet your new leaders and colleagues before Day 1. Put faces and tone and culture to the names.
  • Videos that capture people giving instructions, with info-graphics, and scenery, with music and floating text that layered together really work! You are proud of that video.
  • Snippets of video embedded here and there. Capturing different voices, different perspectives, different disciplines and different areas of the organisations. Collectively telling the whole story; the bigger picture, the purpose. That’s your culture right there.
  • The annual report video. When you realised that people are actually interested in it now, and your viewing rates reach a high.
  • A gimble (that’s a technical bit you’ll need to ask Mark about) that floats the camera around your new machine. You created video with audio and text translated into several different languages to reach the technicians across europe in time for using it operationally. Just in time, relevant, accessible learning to support people to use it well, within the guidelines, and effectively. Enabling people to be brilliant at work.
  • Role-play customer service scenarios. The ‘what not to do video’ where you mock up (from all that customer feedback over the years) all the things that ‘might’ happen, but you hope don’t happen. And your colleagues demonstrate them with obvious humour. Encouraging people to laugh and cringe at themselves… ‘Erm.. yeah, I’ve done that before’. Acceptance comes before change, and independently choosing to do something differently. Then comes the user-generated ‘what we want to see’ video. Timing.
  • Video content spread throughout your learning offer… in every programme in every online engagement. YOUR content. You shot it, edited, and you own it to change any time you like. We simply enabled you to realise your competence, confidence and get good kit.
  • And the best bit of all… the outtakes! When you’ve shot your own content. Just, hilarious!

There is (very likely) a camera in your pocket. Did you hear that? There is an actual video camera, in your pocket. If you knew you could create impactful, professional, and brilliant video for you organisation, what would you do? Tell us!



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