In praise of the video interviewee…

See Learning Video Interviewee

In many ways, and I say this often; the job of the filmmaker is relatively easy. They need to know their craft, but ‘filmcraft’ isn’t just technical or creative. Filmcraft is as much about knowing the technical aspects as it is about knowing how to strike up rapport with someone the moment you meet. To listen, to understand, to encourage, and to guide.

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The basic kit you need to shoot L&D video on your smartphone

Yesterday I had the privilege of talking at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum in Olympia, with a presentation on ‘why you should be filming video for L&D on your smart phones’.

Here’s the very basic kit list you need to start shooting your own high quality video content.  Just to be clear, there’s no affiliate shenanigans going on here – just raw linkage!

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6 tips to help you present well on video

Being filmed on camera can be a daunting experience. These tips will help you through it.

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Why learning videos also need text-based documents

Image and text are powerful mediums, but when they’re together in a seamless digital context, it provides incredible creative possibilities to deliver learning. This is why learning video need supporting documents to enrich learner experience.

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