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The power of objects in learning

Visuals:  pictures, drawings, videos, art, and objects can nuance beautifully with learning content – to take us deeper, to explore and understand complex ideas, to italicise specifics, or simply to try and render a window into a slice of reality that we might never otherwise encounter.

LMFAO: Learning isn’t funny, is it?

Learning content isn’t funny is it? It’s a terribly serious endeavour. At school we got bollocked for laughing in class, shushed in the library, and rarely (if ever) were there jokes in the textbooks we read. so on reflection I’m surprised because whenever I see learning being delivered in a real-time environment in the Land […]


If you’re reading this blog article, then you probably saw my talk at WOLCE, so thank you for clicking through! Here is the list (with links) to the three things you need to help boost the overall quality of video shot on your smartphone.

What’s Behind a Showreel?

I was just hit by a rush of inspiration. Ahead of World of Learning #WOLCE2014 where I’ll be both talking and exhibiting, I’m in the process of pulling together a selection of longer-form video clips to play during the exhibition on our stand.

Shut up for a moment: using silence in your L&D video

“Truth is the silence that exists between words”, Derrida. That’s one of my favourite all time quotes. Like the words themselves, I think Derrida says so much with so little. Having trained as a visual anthropologist in observational cinema, I have come to love filming processes. In a nutshell, observational cinema is about filming reality […]

What’s behind the curtain? Storytelling in L&D

One of the buzzwords at the moment is ‘story’. It makes sense really. I believe that over the last three years or so, as more and more organisations move towards, and appropriate, the highly personalised and crafted space of social media to build relationships; they’ve had to change. They’ve had to change by creating an […]

How to avoid using an autocue or script for your video

If you’re thinking about using an autocue, or feel like you need a script to read from directly, then the chances are you’re feeling nervous about being on camera. Many people will try and reach for the autocue or script to help prop them up, but the reality is it can actually make the experience […]